Research Concepts Dual Axis Controllers RC2000

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  • Brand: Research Concepts
  • SKU: RSC107

Tech Specifications

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Dual Axis Controllers RC2000

Commercial Satellite Antenna Controller for Dual Axis Antennas

  • Automatic Positioning
    • precisely positions antenna with the press of a single key
  • Auto-Pol Input
  • High Sesolution Processing
    • Insures automatic or manual polarizations control
  • Dual Speed
    • Fast slewing, fine positioning, user programmable
  • Non-Volatile Memory
    • Stores up to 50 preset position and polarization combinations
  • Solid-State Drive Circuitry
    • Provides reliable, quiet operation, rated at 10A
  • Built in Current Limiting
    • Protects controller from excessive loads
  • Adapti-Drive
    • Maintains stable speed with varying load
  • Software Controlled Limits
    • Provides backup to mechanical limits
  • RS-422 PC Control Interface
    • Allows scheduling of movements and automated control

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