Holkirk DRM150 1.5m Dual Band X & Ku Vehicle Mount

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Product Information

  • Type: Mobile VSAT RxTx
  • Frequency: Ku X
  • Size: 1.5m
  • Brand: Holkirk
  • SKU: HLK119

Tech Specifications

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DRM150 - 1.5m Dual Band X & Ku Vehicle Mount

Compact design

Holkirk DRM150 1.5m Dual Band X & Ku Vehicle Mount

The DRM antenna is an ultra-compact dual band system which encompasses the drive control, positioning hardware and beacon receiver into the fully sealed and aerodynamic antenna enclosure, making the system a robust standalone sub-assembly ready to install onto almost any vehicle.

Versatile dual band operation

The dual band operation has been designed for effortless change over in the field. The feed, BUC and waveguide for each band is mounted on a simple and quick interchange cartridge which means the only connections you need to make are power, L-band and control

Ease of use

There are no tools required to change the band of operation. All satellite acquisition commands are performed via the simple and easy to use antenna controller unit. The DRM system is equipped with a GPS receiver, electronic compass and leveling inclinometers.


  • 1.5m High gain carbon fibre reflector
  • Up to 400w Integrated 1:1 Tx power
  • Fully enclosed aerodynamic cowl
  • Low stow height
  • Colour options available
  • BUC mounting on boom or within the cowl
  • Manual over rides on all 3 axis
  • X & Ku band options


  • Manual jog, auto-acquire or inclined orbit tracking controller
  • RF mounting options
  • High stability LNB
  • 3 port feed option for Ku band
  • 1:1 Redundancy

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