Comtech CRS Series 1:1 Modem Redundancy Switches

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT123

Tech Specifications

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Our 1:1 Modem Redundancy Switches purpose is to continuously monitor a pair of modems in a redundant configuration, so that the unit automatically switches data and IF signals from the primary unit to the standby unit if an equipment failure or undesired traffic condition occur. This fully protects traffic paths, and the operator can have increased confidence that equipment failures will not adversely affect system availability.

There are two types of 1:1 switches; active and passive. The CRS-150 is an active type, which provides a copy of the TX traffic data that is delivered to the offline modem so that both modems units see identical traffic signals. The CRS-170A and CRS-180 are both passive switches that perform IF switching, and the data is passively switched within the pair of modems interconnected by a Y-cable. The net result is the same: both modems see the identical TX and RX traffic signals permitting the continual comparison of fault status.


  • Full bridging architecture, with configuration synchronization
  • TX Clock and Data signals fed to both online and standby units
  • RX IF signal fed to both online and standby units
  • Continuous fault comparison of online and standby units (The configuration of online and standby units is synchronized via the Auxiliary Serial link between the two Modems)

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