Comtech CRS-300 1:10 Modem Redundancy Switch

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT124

Tech Specifications

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The CRS-300 1:10 Modem Redundancy Switch provides fully automatic or manual redundancy for CDM-570A & CDM-570AL, CDM-625 & CDM-625A, CDM-700, CDM-570 & CDM-570L, CDM-Qx & CDM-QxL, CDM-710, CDM-600 & CDM-600L, SLM-5650A CDM-710G

The protection system consists of a maximum of 10 traffic modems, a redundant modem, and the CRS-300 redundancy switch. Two companion (slaved) 1:10 switches are also available: the CRS-280/ 280L IF switch and the CRS-350 ESC switch. The IF switch is used in multiple transponder applications. The CRS-350 is used for open network ESC redundancy switching.


  • Twin, independent AC or DC power supplies
  • Passive backplane for signal path
  • Non-interruption of normal traffic upon power failure
  • Non-interruption of user data when other traffic modem Interface circuit cards are removed
  • Data and clock provided to the redundant modem when in Bridge Mode
  • Programmable holdoff times to backup or restore
  • Audible alarm programmable to activate, based on various changes in status
  • Provides single-point remote Monitor and Control (M&C) to switch and traffic modems
  • Simplified configuration and control
  • 2 line x 24 character vacuum fluorescent display
  • Front panel keypad
  • LED system status display showing unit and modem status, online/offline status, and bridge status

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