Cross Combiner 250-2150MHz Inputs for three 500MHz bands

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS466

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The 2584-31 Combiner has inputs for three 500 MHz bands, Ka A (1650-2150 MHz), Ku (950-1450 MHz), and Ka B (250-750 MHz) which are then combined into a composite 250-2150 MHz output. Attenuators on the inputs allow ±6 dB gain equalization of each band. Each band has a 0 dB gain (± 2 dB) monitor of the input (with input equalization gain set to 0 dB). These monitors can be used to drive external block upconverters. The gain to the composite output can be adjusted from 0 to -39 dB in 1 dB steps (with input equalization gain set to 0 dB). With a per carrier input of -15 dBm, the output can be adjusted over a -15 to -54 dBm per carrier level range. A -20 dB monitor of the maximum composite output (fixed level, does not vary with overall gain setting) is on the front panel. A rear panel SMA connector allows for the insertion of an external carrier within the 250-2150 MHz frequency range. The gain of this inserted signal is 0 dB when the overall gain is set for 0 dB. Front panel multi-function switches adjust the input equalization gains and overall gain. Front panel LEDs indicate DC power (green), alarm (red), and remote operation (yellow). Remote operation allows setting the overall gain. Input equalization gain during setup and overall gain settings during operation appear on the LCD display. Connectors are SMA except the RF monitor which is 50 ohm BNC, and the Ka A, Ku, Ka B Monitors and the Composite output which are Type F. Powered by a 100-240 ±10% VAC, 47-63 HZ power supply, it is housed in a 1 RU by 16” deep rack mount chassis.


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