Sat-Lite Cirrus Antenna Controller

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  • Brand: Sat-Lite Technologies
  • SKU: SLT101

Tech Specifications

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For Vehicle Mount Antennas

The Sat-Lite Technologies Cirrus Antenna Controller is designed to automatically locate and peak on a target satellite with the simple push of a button in about 3 to 5 minutes. A user friendly interface is provided with a keypad and LCD Display as well as an enhanced ethernet GUI. The Cirrus Controller can operate independently of modems by locking on to a number of DVBS-2 carriers to positively identify a satellite, peak on it to obtain optimal azimuth heading, then move to a final target satellite. The DVB carriers can be easily programmed from the GUI and set optimally by the user for fast and efficient acquisitions. The unit includes a GPS and Compass and can provide GPS data to an external modem. The controller is designed to operate with a full array of Sat-Lite Technologies Vehicle Mount Antennas from 1.0 meter to 1.8 meter applications.

  • High Reliability 2 RU Rack Mount Controller with Display Panel and Keypad User Interface
  • Enhanced Ethernet GUI for Local or Remote Control
  • DVBS-2 Receiver for Positive Satellite ID
  • Includes GPS and Compass for Fast Acquisition – Typically 3 to 5 Minutes
  • Remote Login Capability for User Support
  • Optional Modem Interfaces, Open AMIP
  • Auto Stow / Deploy Features

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