Comtech CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem

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Product Information

  • Type: DVB
  • Frequency: 70/140mhz L
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT106

Tech Specifications

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The CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem was designed to be the most efficient, highest throughput, point-to-point trunking modem available. The CDM-750 accommodates the most demanding Internet Service Provider (ISP) and telco backhaul links by offering users the most advanced combination of space segment saving capabilities while minimizing the need for unnecessary overhead. With the ability to process packets at line speed, the CDM-750 will not throttle throughput due to processing limitations. Beginning with the most efficient coding and modulation available, the CDM-750 leverages the DVB-S2 EN 302 307 LDPC/BCH standard to provide the best possible combination of coding and forward error correction ensuring that the maximum amount of satellite traffic is transported for a given signal to noise capacity.

Implementing Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) operation (in packet-based applications) allows link margin to be converted to user capacity during non-faded conditions by taking advantage of the actual signal to noise ratio rather than calculated worst case signal to noise. This technology transforms link margin, implementation margin and margin for antenna pointing directly to improved throughput.


  • Symbol Rate: 1 – 63 Msps
  • Data Rate: 1 – 169 Mbps
  • DVB-S2 ETSI EN 302 307 compliant
  • DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier bandwidth compression
  • ACM and CCM
  • GSE – industry standard encapsulation
  • K4 GZIP lossless compression
  • Modulation: QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK
  • Coding: DVB-S2 LDPC/BCH
  • Dual IF: 70/140 MHz, L-Band and L-Band monitor (standard)
  • Data Interfaces
  • 2 Gigabit 10/100/1000Base-T interfaces (standard)
  • 1 Optical Gigabit interface (optional)
  • Process > 300,000 pps simplex, > 600,000 pps duplex
  • PIIC optional interface cards
  • G.703 E3/T3/STS-1 (34.368, 44.736, 51.84 Mbps)
  • STM-1 Copper SDH (155.52 Mbps)
  • OC-3 SONET single mode or multi-mode 1300 nm (155.52 Mbps)
  • Multistream capable (Multi-Interface mux)
  • Management: HTTP, SNMP, Telnet, RS-232/485
  • In-band (over satellite) M&C control
  • 1:1 redundancy switching available

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