Ayecka TC1 and TC1-Pro Converter

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Product Information

  • Type: DVB
  • Brand: Ayecka
  • SKU: AYK106

Tech Specifications

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Transport stream and Base Band Frame converter receives with advanced features

Product Highlights

  • Single channel DVB-S2 to ASI and IP
  • Output TS or BBF over IP
  • EsNo and RSSI output over UDP/IP in controllable rate up to BBF rate
  • SPTS to SPTS or MPTS to MPTS
  • Maintain Transport stream timing
  • SNMP traps on loss of TS
  • Easy and simple configuration of source / destination IP address and ports
  • Small form factor
  • Cost effective
  • Advanced DVB-S2 receiver for customized applications

The TC1 and TC1Pro are "raw" DVB-S2 receiver. As an advanced platform the TC1 / TC1Pro can be used for specific applications

Why DVB-S2?

DVB-S2 is the second-generation standard for satellite broadcasting, which has been widely adopted by the broadcasting industry. The new standard benefits from recent developments in channel coding (LDPC codes) combined with a variety of modulation formats (QPSK, 8PSK and 16APSK). This more efficient technology yields increased transmission capacity along with ~30% improvement in space segment utilization.

DVB-S2 provides VCM and ACM mode to optimize channel utilization by variable coding per packet.

The DVB-S2 Migration challenge

Companies which have invested in DVB-S based VSATs are facing a situation where this technology may become obsolete due to the onslaught of the new DVB-S2 technology. The new-generation DVB-S2 technology offers several advantages over DVB-S, the main ones are 30% savings in bandwidth and support for multi stream.

From a technical perspective, existing DVB-S VSATs can continue to provide most of the services like Return channel and Routing, It is the receiver that has to be upgraded.

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