Ayecka Smart LNB

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Product Information

  • Type: 10.70-12.75GHz DVB
  • Frequency: Ka Ku
  • Frequency Range: 10.70-12.75GHz
  • Brand: Ayecka
  • SKU: AYK101

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Smart LNB

Next generation Interactive Satellite terminal, the smartLNB is the most integrated and advanced CPE for consumer and IOT services, powered by Ayecka’s RFModem technology and in partnership with Eutelsat. Operates with Eutelsat Smart LNB network, providing transactional random access scheme with exceptional bandwidth utilization compared to any other solution.

It has Ku Reception for TV Signals and Broadcast Data and Ka Transmission for Transactional-Message-based, Random traffic profile for large networks.

The terminal is Low in CAPEX – Terminal cost Lower than VSAT
And Low OPEX – Message at Cellular network cost.
system provides High Network Availability, closed-network with SLA.

Product Highlights

  • Low Terminal Cost Sub Lower than VSAT
  • Low Service Cost
  • Reuse of existing infrastructure
  • Standard based (DVB-S2 and F-SIM, ESSA)
  • Compliant with legacy DTH services
  • Ka or Ku Transmission
  • Ku Reception

Product Applications

  • Transaction-Orientation
  • Interactive-TV: VoD, Voting, Shopping, Social TV
  • Message-based, Random Access Large-scale networks
  • Lottery, ATM
  • SmartGrid, M2M and SCADA - IoT
  • Cache-Rich, Centric-Based, Internet Access

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