Atlantic ASC710 C Band Loop Test Translator

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Product Information

  • Type: Test Loop Translators
  • Frequency: C
  • Brand: Atlantic Satellite
  • SKU: ATL118

Tech Specifications

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Model ASC710C Test Loop Translator

The Atlantic Satellite Corp. ASC710 C Test Loop Translator is designed to do bench-top testing of satellite transmission systems. The ASC710 C essentially replaces the satellite for loop-back analysis of satellite communication systems.


  • Low-Cost
  • Input frequency range of 5.85 to 6.65 GHz
  • LO Frequency switching from the front panel for testing of two separate C-bands.
    • LO 1 Frequency: 2225 MHz for 5.85 to 6.425 GHz Input and 3.625 to 4.20 GHz Output
    • LO 2 Frequency: 2450 MHz for 5.85 to 6.65 GHz Input and 3.4 to 4.20 GHz Output
  • Small size for bench-top testing. Rack mount optional.
  • Low Phase Noise
  • High frequency stability
  • Universal AC input power
  • Includes :
    • 30 dB coupler
    • 10 Watt load
    • Variable 1 dB step attenuator

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