Global Skyware 96cm Ku-Band Class II - 960

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Product Information

  • Type: RxTx
  • Frequency: Ku
  • Size: 96cm
  • Brand: Global Skyware
  • SKU: GSW131

Tech Specifications

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The Skyware Global Type 960 96 cm Class II Rx/Tx Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications. The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs which strengthens the antenna and sustains its critical parabolic shape necessary for transmit performance. The reflector optics feature a long focal length for excellent cross-pol performance.

The heavy gauge steel Az/El mount secures the antenna to any 73-76 mm (2.88”-3.00”) mast and prevents slippage in high winds. A special powder paint process offers excellent protection from weather-related corrosion.


  • All materials comply with EU directive No. 2002/95/EC (RoHS).
  • One-piece precision offset thermosetmolded reflector.
  • Long focal length optics for low cross-pol performance.
  • Galvanized 19 mm (.75”) O.D. side feed support legs and 51 mm (2”) O.D. lower feed support.
  • Corrosion resistant plated hardware.
  • Available with Ku-Band co-pol or cross-pol feeds.
  • Class II system designed for typical 2 W and 4 W Ku-Band Block Up-Converters (BUCs)
  • *5.4 kg or 12 lb max. weight for RF electronics (BUC and LNB)

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