CPI 9.2M Ka-Band Antenna

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Product Information

  • Frequency: Ka
  • Size: 9.2m
  • Brand: CPI Satcom
  • SKU: GDS120

Tech Specifications

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Large diameter Ka-band antennas require unique design criteria which General Dynamcis SATCOM Technologies has successfully demonstrated with both the 9.2 and 13.2 meter products. Items such as reflector surface accuracy, antenna/ feed design, structural antenna stiffness and integrity, thermal effects, anti-icing, HPA phase combining, monopulse tracking, installation and alignments and hub integration all require special engineering expertise at Ka-band. SATCOM Technologies has proven our expertise in the above areas and has earned the position as a preferred antenna system provider and integrator to a number of major satellite broadcasting companies by providing in excess of fifty systems of this type over the past five years alone.


  • Precision Ka-band rated surface reflector with counterweights
  • High stiffness turntable bearing
  • DC motor jackscrew drive in elevation
  • Dual DC motor gear-pinion drive with mechanical anti-backlash in azimuth
  • Access stairway and large work platform for ease of maintenance
  • 9.2 foot diameter hub with five foot roll up access door
  • Housing for up to eight high power amplifiers (HPA's)
  • HPA mounting via slide mounts and a mechanical de-weighting mechanism allows for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Up and down converter integration providing a wideband L-band interface
  • Easily accessible test and monitor points
  • Strategically placed handles and storage to allow easy and safe access to hub
  • Phase/power combined HPA design capability
  • Power meter sensing of TX power capability
  • Transmit signal block downconverters to allow spectrum monitoring at L-band in the control building.
  • Complete M&C capability for monitoring and control of all hub components.
  • Hub and antenna mounted electrical outlets and lighting
  • Lightning protection
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Redundant two channel monopulse tracking system
  • Redundant HVAC systems for hub and pedestal

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