AvL 85cm Integrated Auto-Acquire FlyAway Terminal

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Product Information

  • Type: Flyaway Terminals
  • Frequency: Ka Ku X
  • Size: 85cm
  • Brand: AvL Technologies
  • SKU: AVL160

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Fully-Integrated Auto-Acquisition Network Terminal | Model: 824i

85cm 6-Piece CF Reflector, Removable Boom, Band-Configurable
Rugged 2-Case, ATA-Checkable Pack-Up

Unique Std. Features

  • 85cm segmented AvL engineered composite reflector (Ka-ready)
  • 2-Port Ku-Band Precision (std. Cross-Pol performance – see opt. feeds)
  • Weather-resistant base electronics compartment (for compact/embedded 48VDC-to-24VDC power-distribution controller, ACU and approved modem module)
  • High performance, Ka-ready elevation-over-azimuth Cable Drive Positioner
  • Compact, user friendly I/O connector & status indicator panel
  • 5-minute one person set-up; 5-minute one-button Auto-acquisition
  • Compact / Rugged 2-case ATA-checkable pack-up

Optional Rx/Tx Feeds

  • 2-Port Ka-Band (Commercial, MIL or Wide-Band)
  • 2-Port MIL X-Band (with compact Rx and Tx filters)

Optional Integration Support

  • Customizable I/O bulkhead panel for remote cables & power
  • Modem mounting in base electronics compartment (supports most compact modem card designs)
  • CFE LNB mounting on feed
  • CFE BUC mounting

Standard Colorization

  • Standard gray with black hardware (optional colors can be quoted upon request)

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