Global Skyware 84cm Ku-Band Elliptical RT - 845

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Product Information

  • Type: RxTx
  • Frequency: Ku
  • Size: 84cm
  • Brand: Global Skyware
  • SKU: GSW128

Tech Specifications

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The Skyware Global 84cm Rx/Tx Ku-Band Elliptical Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications.

The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs which strengthens the antenna and sustains the critical parabolic shape necessary for transmit performance.

The heavy-gauge galvanized steel Az/El/Skew mount provides a rigid support to the reflector.

The mount secures the antenna to any 60 mm (2.38”) O.D. mast and prevents slippage in high winds.

This mount allows for precise alignment of the elliptical reflector to the geostationary arc, taking full advantage of the antenna’s performance.


  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Registration
  • All materials comply with EU Directive No. 2002/95/EC (RoHS).
  • One-piece precision elliptical offset thermoset-molded reflector.
  • Single bolt fine elevation adjustment.
  • Extruded aluminum feed support arm.
  • Pre-assembled Az/El/Skew mount for optimum alignment capability.
  • Plated hardware for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Includes Rx/Tx feed assem bly.
  • Available with Co-Pol or Cross-Pol feed.
  • Designed for typical 1W and 2W Ku-band Block Up Converters (BUCs)
  • * 2 kg or 4.5 lb max. weight for RF electronics (BUC and LNB)

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