Cross 70MHz-406.05MHz & 1.54455GHz-70MHz

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Product Information

  • Type: Up/Down Converters
  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS296

Tech Specifications

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The 2017-0415 Up/Downconverter converts 70 MHz to 406.05 MHz (Up) and 1.54455 GHz to 70 MHz (Down) with low group delay and flat frequency response. An integrated Loopback translator is included. Multi-function push button switches select the Loopback, reference mode and remote interface parameters. Front panel LEDs provide indication of DC power (green), PLL alarm for up and downconverters (red), remote operation (yellow), and Upconverter mute (yellow). Gain is fixed at 0 dB for the upconverter, +10 dB for the downconverter and -10dB for Loopback. Remote operation allows selection of all user front panel settings with the exception of remote interface. Frequency and gain appear on the LCD display except when Loopback is indicated. All connectors are 50Ω BNC female. The unit is powered by a 100-240 ± 10% VAC power supply and housed in a 1.75” X 19” X 16” 1RU chassis.


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