ASC 4.5m C, X, Ku and Dual-Band Earth Station Antenna Pedestal

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Product Information

  • Frequency: C Ku X
  • Size: 4.5m
  • Brand: ASC Signal
  • SKU: ASC101

Tech Specifications

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Like all ASC Signal earth station antennas, the 4.5 Meter Earth Station Antenna provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics.

This antenna system is designed to address the stringent requirements of both the television broadcast industry and telecommunications network operators who demand unsurpassed flexibility and electrical performance in high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable packages.

The electrical performance and exceptional versatility provides the ability to configure the antenna in C-, X- and Ku-bands with the proper selection of feed and combiner systems. That versatility is provided at the time of initial purchase, as well as in the future, as your satellite communication requirements evolve.

This antenna system is used worldwide in broadcast applications and high density data, voice and communications networks. The ASC Signal 4.5 meter earth station antenna features a computer-optimized prime focus optics system and close-tolerance manufacturing techniques.

This combination provides extremely accurate surface contour resulting in exceptionally high gain and closely controlled pattern characteristics. ASC Signal earth station antennas provide maximum durability with minimal maintenance.


  • Self-aligning main reflector requires no field alignment
  • Prime focus feed system optics and fully-shaped parabolic main reflector provide excellent pattern characteristics
  • 3 year warranty on all structural components
  • C, X, Ku Band Capabilities

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