AvL 3.8m Vehicle/Trailer-Mount / DriveAway Premium SNG/MIL Antenna

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Product Information

  • Type: SNG
  • Frequency: C DBS Ka Ku L X
  • Size: 3.8m
  • Brand: AvL Technologies
  • SKU: AVL131

Tech Specifications

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AvL's Military antennas are industry leading performers with top-caliber, lightweight materials and components. These antennas offer unique features such as ultra low-stow dimensions, high wind tolerances and numerous interchangeable feed options.

The Military antenna family offers exceptional performance and ease of operation that's ideally suited to military applications. These antennas are frequently mounted on military Special Operations vehicles and other military trucks and trailers and used in signal contribution for high data rate and bandwidth as well as high power broadcast or similar applications.

AvL Premium Military Antenna Systems feature:

Feed options for Ku-, Ka- and X-band; optional C-band for 2.0m+ antennas

MIL-STD-810 compliance

Munson Road compliance for vehicle-mount antennas

RF system mounting either on feed boom, back of reflector, base, or inside vehicle

All AvL antennas are designed to meet and exceed the highest performance requirements around the world to guarantee both satellite authority compliance and peak in performance, reliability and availability.


  • AvL Technologies' 3.8m motorized vehicle or trailer mount antenna was designed and built for heavy duty commercial andmilitary applications. This quad-band antenna features a three-piece reflector for ease of stowing.
  • Multiple band options: C, X, Ka or Ku (mode-matched) feed; also L and DBS capable
  • Az/El AvL Cable Drive positioner with 400° Az & 0-90° El
  • 3.8m AvL carbon fiber three-piece reflector with removable wings, or optional manually folding hinged wings or motorized folding hinged wings
  • Full function 3-axis controller with auto-acquire and auto-stow
  • Optional wind compensation tracking
  • MIL-STD-810 and Munson Road compliant

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