Sat-Lite 1872 Celero Flyaway Antenna

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Product Information

  • Type: Mobile VSAT
  • Frequency: C Ku X
  • Size: 1.8m
  • Brand: Sat-Lite Technologies
  • SKU: SLT113

Tech Specifications

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1872 Celero Flyaway Antenna

1.8 Meter Manual / Motorizable Flyaway Antenna

The Sat-Lite Technologies Model 1872 Celero manual / motorizable flyaway antenna offers excellent performance for a high value package. This flyaway antenna is specifically designed to provide a lower cost alternative over motorized antennas and also allow for a motorization package and controller to be added as an upgrade at a later date. The antenna features full azimuth and elevation travel for operating anywhere and can easily be pointed and peaked on the satellite in minutes.

The 1872 Celero Flyaway Antenna is offered with C, X, and Ku band feed options or with integrated feed boom / BUC assemblies that can pack in a case. Each assembly can include the feed, BUC, LNB and interfacing wave guide so that entire boom can be easily installed or packed without disconnecting wave guide. The antenna meets international performance specifications for commercial applications.

  • Intelsat Compliant
  • Multi-Band C, X, Ku band Frequencies
  • Multiple Integration Options
  • Compact Packaging
  • Superior Stability in Wind
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Less than 15 min Assembly Time
  • Captive Hardware
  • Motorization Kits Available
  • Integrated Feed Boom Options

For Electrical Specifications, click on the image below.

 1872 Celero Flyaway Antenna Specs

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