AvL 1.2m Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Premium SNG/MIL Antennas

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Product Information

  • Type: SNG
  • Frequency: Ka Ku X
  • Size: 1.2m
  • Brand: AvL Technologies
  • SKU: AVL123

Tech Specifications

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AvL's 1.2m vehicle-mount / drive away SNG antenna systems offer strong performance in a small, lightweight and low-profile package. The 1.2m antenna systems are designed to exceed the highest global performance expectations.

AvL's SNG antennas are designed to meet and exceed the highest performance requirements around the world to guarantee both satellite authority compliance and peak in performance, reliability and availability. Typically these antennas are used in signal contribution for high data rate and bandwidth as well as high power broadcast or similar applications.

AvL Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Premium SNG/MIL Antenna Systems feature:

High-precision azimuth bearing

Non-load-bearing Carbon Fiber reflectors with surface treatment for Ka-Band

Integrated backing structure for minimized stow height

Wide booms to allow larger HPA envelope

Jog control or fully automatic auto-acquisition controllers

Feed options for Ku-, Ka- and X-band

RF electronic mounting either on feed boom, back of reflector, base, or inside vehicle

25ft (8m) RG59 coax and controller interconnect cables

Aerodynamic cowlings are available for some apertures


  • Model 1212 is Eutelsat ready
  • High precision azimuth bearing
  • Zero backlash AvL Cable Drive with 400° Az & 0-90° El movement
  • Non-load-bearing 1.2m AvL carbon fiber single-piece reflector with surface treatment for Ka-band
  • Integrated reflector backing structure for minimized stow height
  • Stows to 15" H (38.1 cm H)
  • Wide boom to allow large HPA envelope
  • Optional saddlebag mount for larger HPAs
  • High-torque elevation motor
  • Through-pedestal cross-axis waveguide kit
  • Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed
  • Limited function 3-axis jog controller with auto-stow
  • Optional segments to widen reflector to 1.4m for X-band operation
  • Optional aerodynamic cowlings
  • The 1.2m vehicle-mount / drive away SNG/MIL antenna family includes the following models:
  • Model 1210 with 2-port precision Ku-band feed (standard Cross-Pol comp.); optional feeds include 2-port Ka (commercial or military) and 2-port X
  • Model 1212 with 2-port mode-matched Ku feed (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.); optional feeds include 2-port Ka (commercial or military) and 2-port X; Eutelsat certified
  • Model 1212LS (low-stow) with same feed options as Model 1212, but stows to height of 11" (28 cm)
  • Model 1212QA (quick acquire) offers high-speed operation and quick acquisition

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