Global Skyware 1.2M BSS-Band Class I - 122

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Product Information

  • Type: RxTx
  • Frequency: BSS
  • Size: 1.2m
  • Brand: Global Skyware
  • SKU: GSW108

Tech Specifications

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The Skyware Global 1.2m BSS Band Antenna SFL RxTx Class I is a rugged, commercial quality product suitable for the most demanding applications.

The reflector is constructed from glass fiber reinforced polyester [SMC] for strength and accuracy. A proprietary process developed by Skyware Global insures high RF reflectivity as needed for Ku Band operation.

The precision Az/EI mount is made of galvanized steel for excellent corrosion resistance. This mount includes special features to increase pointing accuracy with low backlash and lockdown error.

This Az/EI allows the antenna to be installed on standard (73-73MM) 27/8 or 3” OD installation mounts.

All hardware is plated to 720 hour salt spray standards under ASTM B-117.

Cross-Polarization Isolation of 30dB on axis

Excellent Tx Port-to-Port Isolation of 90dB or better

Class I system designed for typical lightweight Ku-band RF Electronics.

* 2.0 kg or 4.5 lb max. weight (For BUC and LNB) 2.2 kg or 4.8 lb max. weight (For Transceiver)


  • One-piece precision SMC Reflector
  • Precision Az/EI Mount
  • Fine Azimuth and Elevation Adjustment Features
  • All Materials Comply with EU Directive No. 2002/95/EC (RoHS]
  • 720 Hour Salt Spray Hardware
  • Standard Waveguide Flange Interface

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