AvL 0.75m FlyAway Antenna Tri-Band Model 715

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Product Information

  • Type: SNG
  • Frequency: Ku Ka X
  • Size: 0.75m
  • Brand: AvL Technologies
  • SKU: AVL168

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Model 715 Small Class Manual FlyAway 0.75m Segmented Carbon Fiber Antenna Tri-Band Configurable


  • Lightweight manual antenna with integral base and folding tripod
  • 0.75m, 12 piece carbon fiber reflector
  • Unique azimuth and elevation positioner
  • 5-minute setup
  • Auto-acquire upgrade available

Standard Rx/Tx Feed

  • 2-Port Ku-Band Precision

Optional Rx/Tx Feeds

  • 2-Port Ka-Band commercial / MIL (WGS) including GX
  • 2-Port X-Band MIL (WGS) – Opt. Rx/Tx reject filter kit

Polarization Adjustment

  • Manual rotation

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