SatRack 19 Inch Case

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  • Type: 19 Racks
  • Brand: Satcom Services
  • SKU: STS119

Tech Specifications

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SatRack 19 Inch Case


SatRack represents a leap forward in 19 inch portable rack design that allows high levels of protection for the transportation of 19″ equipment as checked airline luggage. This novel design rack case is available in standard sizes of 3U, 4U and 5U versions with a 19″ or 24″ deep, lightweight welded aluminum frame, which is fully compatible with 19 inch rack-mountable equipment.

Specially designed for satellite up-links and other applications where 19″ electronic equipment needs to be transported and deployed without damage.

This ultra light 19 inch SatRack weighs just 18 lbs for the 4U version and allows secure transportation of mobile electronics systems as checked baggage whilst providing high levels of protection from shock and vibration.

Available in standard sizes.


  • The 19 inch SatRack frame is supplied with stainless steel caged nuts for ease of securing equipment. Support shelves and equipment restraint systems are optional for additional fixing security.
  • The 19 inch SatRack frame is suspended in a lightweight 10mm rigid honeycombed polypropylene (Astroboard) outer shell with angled elastomeric anti vibration mounts available in 2 shore hardnesses. These provide 40mm of "sway" space between the rack and outer shell and are available in various grades to give alternative suspension characteristics to suit different payloads.
  • The polypropylene shell is contained within a weatherproof, PU backed, nylon fabric outer bag complete with tamper proof, padlockable zipped panels allowing front and rear access. The outer bag can have an external label holder and several units can be stacked and secured with optional tensionable stack straps.
  • The zipped access panels are stiffened with puncture resistant polypropylene and the rear panel can be fitted with a cable storage pouch.

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