RackSat Rack-Mount Converter L-band


RackSat Rack-Mount Converter L-band

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  • Superior phase noise
  • Variable Gain Block Up-Converter
  • Internal 10 MHz reference ( Optional )

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L-Band IF Upconverters and Downconverters
Are available in the following frequencies:

Band Transmit Frequency
Extended C-Band* 5.850 – 6.425 GHz
Super Extended C-Band* 5.850 – 6.725 GHz
LMI C-Band 5.7250 – 6.025 GHz
Standard Ku-Band 14.0 – 14.5 GHz
Super Extended Ku 13.75 – 14.50 GHz

*EC and SEC band RackSats available in dual up and downconverter configurations.

AnaCom’s RackSat series of rack-mounted up-and-down converters have all of the familiar features of AnaCom’s outdoor converters in a compact, rack-mountable form. Ideally suited for SCPC, MCPC, DAMA, TDMA, and VoIP applications and designed to interface with any L-band modem, AnaCom RackSat converters may be used in a wide variety of communication networks.


  • Available in upconverter, downconverter, or dual configurations. (Dual configuration EC and SEC-band only)
  • Superior phase noise
  • Flexible, universal power supply and convertor (protected from 0 volts through 250 volts AC)
  • Variable Gain Block Up-Converter
  • Part of a family of products with significant commonality
  • Internal 10 MHz reference ( Optional )
  • Summary fault-status reporting including overheating, and converter failure. Robust 1+1 Redundant operation using AnaCom’s Protection Switch.
  • Built in test feature for improved maintainability and reduced dependence on external test equipment

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