Power Supply Circuit Board Assembly

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Power Supply Circuit Board Assembly

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  • Model 2000-15-4848

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The 2000-15-4848 Power Supply uses a +42VDC – +60VDC input to provide +48VDC @ 10A, +24VDC @ 6A and +5V @ 3A outputs. An optional +12VDC @ 4A output can be provided (Option W90) as well as two L-Band DC insertion SMA loop-throughs (Option W92). One loop through for BUC applications provides either +24VDC or +48VDC insertion @ 3A and another loop through provides +24VDC for LNB applications. Voltage and Current monitoring as well as power switching are all accomplished via an Ethernet (RJ-45) webpage interface. Circuit board LEDs indicate power supply status and fault condition. The power supply assembly is packaged in a 7” X 7” X 1.25” printed circuit board assembly that is mounted to a customers aluminum enclosure using sixteen 4-40 screws.


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