L-Band Combiner 16-Way Redundant AC

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L-Band Combiner 16-Way Redundant AC

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  • Model 1584-161

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The Model 1584-161 is one sixteen-way, 0.95 – 2.05 GHz, 0 dB gain combiner in a 1RU rack mount chassis with redundant 100-240 ±10% VAC power supplies. The combiner provides excellent RF characteristics. It has sixteen inputs and one output on the back panel. Two individual 100-240 ±10% VAC input power supplies provide diode ORʼd redundant power to the unit. A surge suppressor on the combiner output protects against high voltage transients. On the front panel, two green LEDʼs indicate the presence of DC v1584-161 RF Combiner


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