CXU-810 RAN Optimizer

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CXU-810 RAN Optimizer

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  • E1 aggregation
  • Abis optimization
  • TDM compression
  • Transparent Pseudowire (cPWE) Compression
  • Wide range of redundancy options

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The Advanced VSAT Solutions portfolio provides high-performance satellite-based communication solutions for a diverse range of applications, including mobile backhaul with RAN optimization, IP trunking and backhaul, maritime and offshore networks, corporate and enterprise networks, emergency and disaster recovery. Incorporating advanced technologies developed by Comtech EF Data, AHA Products Group, Memotec and Stampede, the solutions provide unmatched performance, industry-leading bandwidth efficiencies and network optimization – while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.

The CXU-810 RAN Optimizer is a modular mobile backhaul platform that delivers 2G/3G Radio Access Network (RAN) aggregation and traffic optimization. Designed to interoperate with the CDM-840 Remote Router with integrated RAN optimization, the CXU-810 can be deployed at the BSC/RNC locations and other aggregation points across the RAN. The Advanced VSAT Solutions enable mobile operators to optimize and aggregate traffic, and free up capacity for quick deployment of new services over their existing networks at lower costs.


  • E1 aggregation
  • Abis optimization
  • TDM compression
  • Transparent Pseudowire (cPWE) Compression
  • Wide range of redundancy options

Digital E1 Fractional, channelized TDM
HDB3, AMI, NRZ or NRZi Encoding
E1 Balanced 120 Ohms or unbalanced 75 Ohms with adaptation cables (VHDCI connector)
AIS Relay
Synchronous Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45) or SFP plug-in module
STM-1 STM-1 SDH channelized VC12 interface with APS 1+1 protection
Electrical and optical Synchronous Ethernet
IP Static Routing
DSCP marking for different streams
Multi-service Compressed Pseudowire (cPWE)
ATM E1/VC12 pseudowire (with support for IMA)
HDLC pseudowire
VLAN pseudowire
TDM compressed pseudowire (proprietary CESoP)
Supports GSM FR, EFR, HR and AMR codecs
Transparent GSM codec speech frame forwarding
IDLE and silence suppression
HDLC signaling frame extraction and forwarding
Dynamic Abis map interface auto-configuration
TRX channels usage real-time monitoring
Signaling/Voice/Data traffic prioritization
Non-blocking VC12 drop and insert support between E1 and STM-1
APS 1+1 on STM-1 SDH interfaces
E1 alarms: red, yellow, near/far end LOS, LOF, AIS, RDI
E1 interface test loop (L1, L2, L3)
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