Block Downconverter 11.7-12.2GHz 0.95-1.45GHz

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Block Downconverter 11.7-12.2GHz 0.95-1.45GHz

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  • Model 2116-116
  • Ku-Band (10.5 – 18 GHz)

  • Description


The 2116-116 Block Downconverter converts 11.7 – 12.2 GHz to 0.95 – 1.45 GHz with a local oscillator at 10.75 GHz. Front panel LEDs provide indication of DC Power, External 10 MHz, and PLL Alarm. The gain is +35 dB. Connectors are SMA female for the RF and BNC female for the L-Band and external reference input and reference output. A three-way switch controls which 10 MHz reference is being used. In the INT position, the internal reference is used, in the EXT position, the external reference is used, and in the AUTO position, the internal reference is used unless a 3 dBm ± 3 dB, 10MHz reference signal is connected to the external reference input. The 2116 is powered by a 100-240 ±10% VAC power supply, and mounted in a 1 3/4” X 19” X 14” rack mount chassis.


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