9.2M Ka-Band Antenna

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9.2M Ka-Band Antenna

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  • Precision Ka-band rated surface reflector with counterweights
  • High stiffness turntable bearing
  • DC motor jackscrew drive in elevation

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Large diameter Ka-band antennas require unique design criteria which General Dynamcis SATCOM Technologies has successfully demonstrated with both the 9.2 and 13.2 meter products. Items such as reflector surface accuracy, antenna/ feed design, structural antenna stiffness and integrity, thermal effects, anti-icing, HPA phase combining, monopulse tracking, installation and alignments and hub integration all require special engineering expertise at Ka-band. SATCOM Technologies has proven our expertise in the above areas and has earned the position as a preferred antenna system provider and integrator to a number of major satellite broadcasting companies by providing in excess of fifty systems of this type over the past five years alone.


  • Precision Ka-band rated surface reflector with counterweights
  • High stiffness turntable bearing
  • DC motor jackscrew drive in elevation
  • Dual DC motor gear-pinion drive with mechanical anti-backlash in azimuth
  • Access stairway and large work platform for ease of maintenance
  • 9.2 foot diameter hub with five foot roll up access door
  • Housing for up to eight high power amplifiers (HPA’s)
  • HPA mounting via slide mounts and a mechanical de-weighting mechanism allows for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Up and down converter integration providing a wideband L-band interface
  • Easily accessible test and monitor points
  • Strategically placed handles and storage to allow easy and safe access to hub
  • Phase/power combined HPA design capability
  • Power meter sensing of TX power capability
  • Transmit signal block downconverters to allow spectrum monitoring at L-band in the control building.
  • Complete M&C capability for monitoring and control of all hub components.
  • Hub and antenna mounted electrical outlets and lighting
  • Lightning protection
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Redundant two channel monopulse tracking system
  • Redundant HVAC systems for hub and pedestal

Reflector 9.2 meter, counterweight
Optics Configuration Cassegrain
Standard Band
28.35-30.00 GHz
18.30-20.20 GHz
Custom Band
27.50-31.00 GHz
17.70-21.20 GHz
Antenna Gain (Standard Band)
Transmit @ Feed Tx Port Input Receive @ LNA Input
66.1+20Log(F/30.0) dBi
63.2+20Log(F/20.2) dBi
G/T (min) @ 30° Elevation and 120K LNA (Standard Band) 39.2 + 20 Log (F/20.2) dBi/K (includes Feed to LNA losses for 1:2 LNA Redundancy)
Polarization (Transmit and Receive) Dual Circular (RHCP/LHCP)
3 dB Beamwidth
Axial Ratio @ 1dB BW (X-POL Isolation in dB) 0.5 dB (30.7 dB)
Port to Port Isolation
Transmit to Receive
Receive to Transmit
Transmit to Transmit
Receive to Recieve
85 dB
85 dB
20 dB
20 dB
VSWR 1.35:1 Max
Sidelobe Performance (Tx/Rx) ITU-RS.580-5
FCC CFR-47 & 25.209
Power Handling 1 kW CW Per Port, 2 kW Total
Feed Waveguide Flange Rx (WR-42), Tx (WR-34)
0.5 psi
2.0 psi
Elevation Travel 0 to 90° Continuous
Azimuth Travel ±90° Continuous
Axis Velocity 0.5°/s
Axis Acceleration 0.2°/s2
Azimuth Drive Configuration Gear and Pinion, Single Motor Drive
Elevation Drive Configuration Jackscrew, Single Motor Drive
Motor Type for Azimuth and Elevation Servo Motor
Antenna Two-Axis Pointing Performance (over 10 degree of axis travel) 0.0066° RMS, No Wind
0.0140° RMS Winds 30 mph gusting to 45 mph
Tracking Performance for Optrack (C/No: 45 dB-Hz) 0.0041° RMS, No Wind
0.0084° RMS Winds 45 mph gusting to 60 mph
Tracking Performance for Monopulse (C/No: 45 dB-Hz) 0.0041° RMS, No Wind
0.0047° RMS Winds 45 mph gusting to 60 mph
Tracking Modes Program Track
Optrack /Step Track
Anti-Icing Feed Blower
Heated Subreflector
Optional Primary Reflector – Gas or Electric (as required)

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