Paradise Datacom PDQS Standalone Redundancy Switch

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Paradise Datacom
  • SKU: PDD138

Tech Specifications

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The PDQS Standalone Redundancy Switch offers a flexible alternative to the existing Quantum Modem Redundancy Switch. Unlike the existing integrated switch, the standalone switch keeps the backup modem and switch completely separate. The backup modem can be any Evolution, Quantum or Q-Flex modem. It requires only a P3717 1:N interface card to be fitted inside the modem, plus an umbilical cable that attaches between the modem 1:N card and the switch for control purposes. When fitted with the 1:N card, any production modem will automatically function not only as a normal traffic modem but also as a controller for the switch.

The functions to control the switch in the backup modem are identical to those in the existing integrated redundancy switch controller. Consequently, from an operational viewpoint, the standalone switch simply moves the backup modem from being an integral part of the switch to being entirely separate.

The new-style switch simplifies stocking of spares. It also simplifies replacement of units in the event of either a switch or backup modem failure.


  • Modular 3U low-cost chassis
  • Supports IP, G.703 and EIA-530 traffic
  • Scalable up to 1 for 16 traffic protection
  • IP overhead channel automatically protected
  • Serial overhead channel protection option
  • Backup modem and Switch can each be replaced without affecting traffic
  • Supports priority traffic channel protection
  • Redundant power supplies for maximum reliability
  • Configuration via backup modem web or local user interface
  • Supports data rates up to 155Mbps
  • Optional Transponder Switching
  • Supports all Evolution and Quantum modems (all must be IF or all must be L-band)
  • Now compatible with the QFlex dual IF/L-band modem (supports backup of IF and L-band services at same time)

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