Newtec EL978 High Speed IP Satellite Demodulator

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Product Information

  • Brand: Newtec
  • SKU: NWT132

Tech Specifications

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Main advantages
  • Enables high speed IP links over satellite
  • Lower operational costs thanks to highest bandwidth efficiency
  • Easy integration with terrestrial IP networks and routers
  • High versatility and flexibility
  • Secure and encrypted satellite transmissions
  • Fit for operations over Inclined Orbit Satellites

In order to achieve speeds up to 160 Mbit/s, only the fastest and most bandwidth efficient encapsulation and modulation parameters are supported.

The EL978 can be used in high speed Point-to-Point backbone links or in star IP Trunking and Government configurations.



  • DVB-S2 compliant
  • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK
  • Data rates up to 160 Mbit/s
  • XPE encapsulation
  • Multistream and VCM support
  • Adaptive equaliser
  • Optional ACM client (FlexACM®)
  • Noise & Distortion Estimator (NoDE) tool
  • Optional 10 MHz reference input/output
  • Optional AES decryption
  • Optional Clean Channel Technologyâ„¢ inside

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