Cross DC Power Supply SSPB and LNB Applications 2082-1972

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The 2082-1972 DC Power Supply is a DC voltage Power Supply used for SSPB and LNB applications. DC Power is inserted via two L-Band loopthroughs and a +48 VDC, 8A output is provided on the SSPB AUX output. The two L-Band loop-throughs provide a +18 VDC, 1A output is provided on the Antenna LNB output and either +18VDC @ 3A or +48VDC @ 5A is provided on the Antenna BUC output. The unit facilitates the installation of a TracStar® Antenna Controller and provides the +29V 150W needed with all of the TracStar® Connectors accessible through the rear panel. Front panel locking toggle switches allow the user to independently disable the DC power on either L-Band loop-through, the SSPB Aux DC output and the TracStar® antenna controller. The user is also able to select +18VDC or +48VDC insertion on the BUC TX loop-through. Primary power is either 19-72VDC or 90-264 VAC. If both primary power sources are connected the user can select which will be enabled and the other source will be put in a standby mode and serve as a backup power source. If only one primary source is connected, the 2082-1972 Power Supply will use the available power source regardless of the selected primary power source switch position. Each DC power source is fused using rear panel mount fuse holders. Front panel LEDs indicate AC or DC primary power (green), and Standby (yellow). DC output indications are provided for all four outputs (three outputs and the TracStar® antenna controller). Front panel LEDs (green) and rear panel LEDs (yellow) indicate the presence of voltage on LNB, BUC, SSPB Aux and the TracStar®. Front panel LEDs (yellow) indicate the output is in a Standby condition. Front panel LEDs (red) indicate an Alarm condition which is the result of a blown or missing fuse. The alarm condition will only occur if the output is enabled. Front panel test points are provided for each of the four output voltages and ground. All loop-through connectors are TNC female. The unit is housed in a 19.0”, 2RU x 3.50”H x 12.00”D** chassis.


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