Comtech CiM-25 IP-Enabled Monitor & Control

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Product Information

  • Type: Accessories
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT122

Tech Specifications

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The CiM-25 is a low-cost solution for providing an Internet Protocol (IP) Monitor & Control (M&C) interface for existing Comtech EF Data satellite modems and frequency converters. The CiM-25 provides a proxy interface between IP and the equipment’s existing serial remote control interface.

The CiM-25 provides a complete IP interface supporting web server (HTTP), SNMP, and Telnet interfaces. The HTTP interface allows the operator to setup and control the equipment via a standard web browser (Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x minimum versions). The SNMP interface is available for customers who prefer to use the framework provided via this standard protocol. The Telnet interface is provided for customers who have already invested in a PC-based M&C application, but prefer an Ethernet backbone to the standard RS-232 or RS-422 serial interfaces.


  • Compact, non-intrusive packaging
  • 10Base-T Ethernet interface
  • Powerful network management (HTTP, SNMP v2, Telnet)
  • Static, BOOTP or DHCP IP address allocation
  • TFTP and SMTP protocols
  • MAC cloning
  • System account access and IP security control
  • Complete equipment M&C
  • Remote equipment configuration load and store (TFTP)
  • Automated customer service (direct e-mail)

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