Comtech CIC Series Interface Converters

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Product Information

  • Type: Accessories
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT121

Tech Specifications

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Our CIC Series Interface Converters include the CIC-20, CIC-30, CIC-35, and CIC-50


  • For convenience, the CIC Interface Converter attaches directly to the modem using the 25-pin D subminiature data connector or short data cable (except for the CIC-35) to the modem. Additional features of the CIC converters include:


    • Full-duplex capability
    • Ext. TX IF mute control
    • Up to 50 feet cable length


    • Full-duplex capability
    • 188 Byte data frame
    • 270 Mbps transport rate for all data rates
    • Up to 200 feet cable length


    • Full-duplex capability
    • Typical cable length to 150 meters (Belden 8281)
    • Additional IBS/IDR overhead available (requires modem option)


    • Clock recovery from user G.703 data
    • Line build out to a maximum of 655 feet (typical)
    • E1 G.703 data, AMI or HDB3
    • T1 G.703 data, AMI or B8ZS
    • Balanced connection to 15-pin D female connector
    • Unbalanced connection to BNC connectors
    • LED indication of signal loss and bipolar violations

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