New Novelsat Products

New NovelSat products are now available at Satcom-Services –

NovelSat Professional Satellite Modem Series

NovelSat NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem — Up to 2x425Mbps, Industry lead

NovelSat NS300X IP Satellite Modem — Up to 2x30Mbp

  • Highest performance and efficiency at all data rates
  • The most complete feature set: ACM, AUPC, QOS, Packet Compression and TCP acceleration
  • Highest efficiency in the market: Up to 64APSK, NovelSat DUET CeC, DDC…
  • Feature-rich IP processing enhancements
  • Point-To-Point and Point-to-Multipoint link support

NovelSat Satellite Modulators & Demodulators

NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulator

NovelSat NS2000 Satellite Demodulat

  • Up to 80MSPS symbol rate
  • The most complete feature set: ACM, AUPC, DDC…
  • Dual channel – Combined Ethernet & ASI streaming
  • TS Over IP Support

NovelSat NS200X Multi-Rx Satellite Demodulator

  • Up to 24 DVB-S2 demodulators in a single 1U box
  • Up to 4 Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) to encrypt multiple TV channels

NovelNet Network Management System

  • Full-featvured management and provisioning
  • DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation)
  • DPM (Dynamic Power Management
  • Protcaster – Digital Rights Management (DRM), Entitlement, Scheduler
Terrasat IBUC G IBC 2017

Terrasat Announces Triple Product Launch of Revolutionary IBUC Gs at IBC 2017

Terrasat, the leading developer of innovative RF solutions for satellite communications systems, has announced that it will be showcasing three new products at IBC 2017.

The models expand Terrasat’s higher power, GaN IBUC G family and include the enhanced 200W+ and the new, “best in class” 300W and 400W Ku-band products. The new IBUCs, developed in line with customer demand, will help to drive cost efficiency yet increase performance, especially in the broadcast and enterprise market, such as oil and gas. The IBUC Gs are also highly suitable for use in hubs and gateways that feature extensively in satellite ground networks.

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Datum Systems M7 Series

Datum Systems innovation is transforming the SCPC and MCPC modem industry with a new generation modular modem product, the M7 Series, that is versatile, compact, highly efficient and costs less to own and operate. You can now view the M7 product line here at SATCOM Services –


Terrasat Products Available For Immediate Shipment

Terrasat offers the IBUC family of integrated BUC/SSPAs. The advanced IBUC yields superior performance at a lower cost than traditional RF Transceivers. The complete product range includes C, X, Ku and Ka-band IBUCs, associated power supplies, interface units and our innovative 1:1 protection systems. Our first-of-its-kind IP M&C interface is included as standard along with RS485/232, FSK and Hand Held Terminal interfaces.

View our new Products Available For Immediate Shipment page to see what Terrasat products are currently in stock


New Terrasat Communications Video

SATCOM Services is a proud authorized reseller and integrator of Terrasat Communications RF products.

Terrasat Communications has been an industry leader in block upconverter technology since 1994 and through their innovation and creative design have built a suite of products that span C, Ku, Ka, X and DBS-Band in wattages ranging from 4 to 400 watts.

Terrasat Communications time tested IBUC series was the foundation of their RF line that has spawned development of the IBUC 2, IBUC 2e, IBUC R and IBUC G and 2G GaN series of block upconverters. Each IBUC series is designed to increase reliability and uptime, ease integration between modem and antenna and allow end users to deploy a worry free RF solution in challenging environmental locations worldwide.

Terrasat Communications has developed a range of products with high linearity and low phase noise in a compact and efficient form factor. The IBUC suite of products can be configured to support AC Primary Power or DC Primary power configurations and internal 10 MHz reference, if required.

Terrasat’s embedded web pages provide industry leading M&C control using any standard web browser and also supports SNMP, TELNET and F.S.K.
With 30 dB of user adjustable gain in .1 dB steps and better phase noise than the IESS 308 309 standard you can be confident you are getting the best BUC on the market.

Terrasat also offers a streamlined 1:1 transmit and
1:1 receive solution for those applications that require redundancy.

When you select a Terrasat Communications RF product you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality, highest value block up converter solution on the market.

Contact SATCOM Services today and see how we can integrate Terrasat Communications’ industry leading block upconverter into your network.


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New AQYR Products

New AQYR products are now available at Satcom-Services –

  • Ka-Band Solutions
    • AN/PRS-11 Suitcase Portable Receive Suite
    • AN/PRS-12 Rucksack Portable Receive Suite
    • KA-PRT Portable Receive Terminal
    • DIAMONDBACK AutoAQYR™ Terminal
    • ThinPACK® AutoAQYR™ Terminal
    • AN/PRS-11 / KA-PRT / KA-10 60cm Dish Accessory Kit
  • Ku-Band Solutions
    • TYPHOON 1.0 Meter Ku-Band Terminal
  • Accessories
    • KA-10 Field Support Kit